Last Weekend…

Last Sunday, really, it was beautiful outside.  I went ahead with my usual Sunday chores – laundry, groceries, ect, but Husband, who doesn’t have any scheduled chores, decided to begin work on the front yard.  After the Great Plumbing Disaster of 2010, the yard looked less than steller.  We had no bushes on one side of the house, but still had those awful holly bushes on the other.  We have no grass, really – a side effect of digging up the whole yard, and it was lumpy and uneven.  Terrible, to say the least.

Husband put on his “Lawn-Mower Shoes” as Son likes to call them, and set to work cutting down the remaining bushes, and raking the yard.  By the time I got back from getting groceries, he was sacking up the last bits of debris.  Does the yard look Cover-Shot ready?  Hardly, but it at least looks like a work-in-progress, instead of a mess.  Hopefully, this summer, we can get the house landscaped and painted.  If I dream really big, we may even get the back patio entertainment-ready.  I won’t hold my breath, though.


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