Man Your Stations….. (and a gift!)

Er, I mean stationary?   Leave me alone about my terrible title, or no gift for you.

A few days ago, I suddenly needed to write a note to the moms of Son’s classmates.  There was just one problem, I don’t have any note paper.  I don’t even have a notepad, much less actual stationary.  How bad was I going to look scribbling out a message on random scratch paper like I do with my grocery lists?  I decided I couldn’t be that lame, and so I devised a plan.  I figured I could quickly draw up my own stationary design, and print it from my home printer.

So I looked through the internet for inspiration, and decided since it was spring, and since I just got to know my dandelions, I’d go with a dandelion theme.  The next step was to find an image I could work with.

Whenever I do image work on the computer, I turn to Google Image search to get me started.  I searched for dandelion, and then narrowed my search to “line drawing.”  Once I found an image I liked, I saved it, and pulled it into Illustrator.

I played with my images, and moved them around until I had them where I liked it…

Once I had my flowers in place, I drew very faint lines across my paper to divide it into quarters.  My next step was to print.  Luckily, my printer can do border-less printing.

I chose to print my new notecards onto cream colored cardstock left over from my wedding 5 years ago, since it was what I had on hand.  Then, I had to cut it.

This is why I drew the faint lines.  With them, and you can almost see them in the photo above, I knew just where to place my ruler and blade.

When I was finished, they looked like this…

Not bad for free stationary, huh?

So the gift?  I thought I’d share a PDF of my stationary file, you know, in case you have to write 9 notes to fellow moms, or something prettier for your grocery list….

Dandelion Note Cards


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  1. Thanks for the stationery and the explanation of how to do it! It’s so cute, I think I’ll use it today!

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