It was suggested to me that I start a blog.  I put the idea aside for weeks, what would I tell the world, and then one day it hit me.  It’s trendy to be green right now; it’s hip, and even though the debate over the cause of Global Warming wages on, I see no reason not to be good stewards. Does it really matter if the cause is human or cyclical?  Maybe it’s both.  In any case, why not do what we can?  Why not carry cloth bags to the grocery store, why not hang our clothes out to dry?  After all, its good for the pocket-book, and Americans are nothing if not capitalists.  We are in a recession, I am unemployed, I have a household to maintain, while saving the Earth isn’t high on my agenda, saving money certainly is.

If I can save money, and save the Earth… then I’d say we’re all winners.

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