High Marks…

That’s right.  I got high marks across the board.

In what?  Oh, yeah, that might help.

I wasn’t here  before because I was having my first review on Tuesday afternoon.  And like all good procrastinators, I waited until Tuesday morning to get everything printed.  I did, however, have my presentation ready to go days before, so I wasn’t a complete slacker.  Yesterday, I was simply waiting for the call to say that I rocked it, and it came in the afternoon.  And guess what.  I totally Rocked it.  She had only good things to say.

First, I didn’t tell my students that anyone was coming.  I didn’t want the good students to put on an act, and I didn’t want the bad students to be any worse.  Also, I had 3 classes before she came in order to practice.  Sort of like a dress-rehearsal.  The first class did well, but my Mentor gave me a few suggestions.  My second class, even though I tried to implement the suggestions, was an utter catastrophe.  One student is all it takes, and I had two.  The third class, which is primarily upper-classmen/advanced students, were awesome.  And then it was showtime.

I tried to remember my tips, I tried to play Vanna White a bit more, but I have a hard time walking and talking and thinking.  I’m very animated with my hands, but not so much my full body.  Maybe it’s all those years of presenting Architecture Presentations where you don’t walk so much as talk about your work, and let the drawings speak for themselves.  Yep.  I blame Architecture School.  But I got it all done anyway, and my Observer only suggested I create a Rubric for the class – which we don’t use simply because it’s hard to create one for animation/creative arts, but I won’t get into that.  And she suggested I bring the students together more, instead of letting them just work independently all the time.  To that I wanted to say, “Um, you know they’re computer nerds, right?  They tend to be solo-flyers anyway.”  But I didn’t.  Maybe just the days that she’s here, I try to do that.  Who knows.

We’ll see what happens.


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  1. Congrats! And I am the same way with my hands when talking/presenting to my classes.

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