Going-Away Treats…

This may be my last post for a while, if not, forever.  You see, I got a job, a real job.  An office job.  One where I have to commute an hour each way.  One where I will work 40 hours a week.  All that working time is really gonna cut into my creative project time, and so I’m just not sure how often I will be back.

My new job also means that Son has to leave his current, two days a week pre-school, and go to a full-day, everyday school.  I looked hard to find a school that should be a good fit for him, and after a week, he seems pretty happy there, but he was sad to leave his old classmates and friends behind, so his teacher suggested a going-away party.  When I asked Son what kind of cookies he would like for his party, he replied, “Peanut Butter and Jelly!”  I thought for a moment, told him that we couldn’t do peanut butter because kids can be allergic, but that I thought we could swing some sort of jelly cookie.  He agreed.

I began with my standard butter cookie dough.  You can see the recipe here

Then, I rolled it out, and using my biscuit cutters, in small and large, I cut out bases and rims…

I carefully pulled the extra dough from the bases and rims, and using a spatula, I placed the bases onto parchment paper, and pressed the rims onto the bases.

You don’t need any water, or egg wash to stick the rims to the bases; just line them up, and gently press down.

Once I had the dough portion set, I needed my jelly.  I chose to go with Pollaner’s cherry preserves, and Smucker’s black berry jam.  I spooned some jelly into each cookie, learning that I could easily add more while the cookies were in the oven, but that taking some away wasn’t as simple.

The jelly in the above pictures was a bit much.

Then I baked the cookies at 350 F for approximately 30 minutes, just until the edges started to brown.  Don’t worry.  It’s pretty hard to burn these cookies.

Once they’re done, be sure to let them cool before tearing into them.  That sugar is HOT!!!

The cookies were a hit at school, and everyone else who’s had them has rolled their eyes in ecstasy.   The cherry cookies were a bit more grown-up tasting, like cherry pie, and were best while still warm.  The blackberry cookies tasted better a day later than they did right out of the oven, and had an easier flavor.   Of course, now I wonder how other jams and jellies would taste.  Would strawberry taste like strawberry shortcake?  Would apricot taste posh and Parisian?

What would you do?

And as for the future of the blog, check back periodically, I may have something posted.  Or better yet, subscribe, and I think it will send you an email to let you know I’ve done something.  At least, that’s how I think it works.  I haven’t subscribed to my own blog.  Just the same, I hope to hear from you guys, and thank you for passing a few moments of your day on my little slice of Internet Real-estate.  It’s been something!

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  1. namhenderson

    As I already said elsewhere congrats! Sucks on the hour each way commute though. I have been extremely lucky the last 4-5 yrs out of grad school in that my employment has been consistently no more than a 15 min bike ride away.
    However, my employer is getting ready to my our office across town (only about 4-5 miles) but that means that what was a 15 min or so ride will now be closer to 35 or 40 mins.
    So I need to decide has my bike riding been a matter of convenience or lifestyle choice? And if the later how much am I committed to keeping it up even it if means a longer, less pleasant (more traffic etc) ride…

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