Attack of the Robots!!!

Yesterday was Son’s birthday.  He’s been really into robots and monsters lately, so I went with a robot and monster theme.  I scoured the internets for inspiration, and I came across Yumbots, which are cute robot-shaped cupcake holders.

I felt they were perfect, so I ordered a legion.  Then I set my mind to party-favours.  If you don’t have kids, then you may not know that it’s a law written somewhere that the host gives “thank you for coming” gifts to the party goers at children’s birthday parties.  It isn’t enough to have simply provided hours of fun, cake, and ice cream.  And typically, these favours are plastic, Oriental Trading sorts of things.   I hate them.  They cost money, and are usually junk to begin with.  It just wasn’t something I wanted to use.  So, I racked my brain, and decided I’d make cookies.  Cookies are just as enjoyable as cheap toys, keep the child’s attention just as long, but don’t hang out in your toybox for the next year just taking up space.  I searched high and wide for robot and monster shaped cookie cutters, and finally found some on ebay.  Happy day.  Happy day until Friday, when I was baking the cookies, but the cutters hadn’t shown up yet.  Why is the world against me!?  That’s all I could think.  I decided I’d just make round cookies, and try my best to draw robots and monsters onto them, but then inspiration hit.  I bet I could find something around the house to at least make a robot.

And I did, and you won’t believe what I used.

Yep.  I used Son’s legos.  Well, technically, they’re duplos, but still.  And yes, I washed them first.  I pressed them into the dough, and then used a knife to cut out the shape.  It was time consuming, but at least I had robots.  I couldn’t find anything for the monster half of the theme, so they just went a way.  We’ll just say the robots won the war.

After the cookies baked, they looked like this…

Yeah, a few lost their heads, but the rest looked awesome.  I just had to ice them.  The icing took some time, but in the end, no one could tell that I made the cookies with legos.  I would say that my mission was accomplished.

Happy Birthday, Kiddo!


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