Spring Planting…

For the last two years, I, along with Husband’s help, have planted an outdoor garden.  You can see them here, and here.  Unfortunately, neither of these gardens have ever done much more than grow grass and okra.  So this year, I decided to forgo the garden all together.  Sure, I love home grown tomatoes, but my plants never fruit, or grow higher than 20 inches for that matter.  And my zucchini?  Well all it ever gave me gave me was flowers and squash bugs.  So I’m just not going to waste my time this year.  Oh, but don’t worry.  I still planted something….

I decided that I had done pretty well with my little lemon tree, so maybe indoor gardening was more my color.  I decided to try my hand at herbs.  I picked up a few different seed packets, and some soil.

And yes, I chose to do all this planting inside, on my kitchen table, on top of my pretty table cloth.  Shhhh.  Don’t tell Husband.

I decided to skip the larger pots, and to only plant a few seeds at a time in some little jars.  This was how I managed to grow my awesome lemon tree there in the background, and I figured I’d start my plants this way for luck.

I started with Thyme, and those seeds are tiny!

Then Parsley….

And Finally, Cilantro…

I only used a few seeds at a time, and simply placed them in my dirt…

and covered them up.  Then I gave each jar a tag, and placed them on my window sill.

Once my herbs were planted, and since I had the dirt out anyway, I decided it was time to re pot my lemon tree.  So I said a little prayer, ok a lot of little prayers, and pulled the plant up out of its mug.  I was surprised by the amount of roots waiting for me on the bottom, and as I knocked the dirt off, I thought I’d try to detangle them.  You see, my lemon tree is really four lemon trees, altogether, in one cozy pot.  I never dreamed I’d even get one tree from my store-bought-lemon seeds, but I got four!  I figured I’d someday have to cut all by one back to nothing, but felt bad about doing it.  What if I cut the wrong tree?  What if the tree I didn’t cut missed his brothers, and died of depression?

Luckily, I was able to get each tree free!  And just so you could see how extensive the root system is, I took a picture of a medium sized plant…

It’s incredible.

I was able to re-pot each tree into its own little plot of soil, and I planted my biggest tree in a footed bowl I found at Goodwill a year or so ago.

Then, of course, I said another couple of prayers, and told them to grow, and be happy.  Here’s hoping it worked!


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