Get Yer Gun…

While I was out in the garage, working on my home made picture frame project, Son decided he had to build something too.  As a parent, and a teacher, I am a huge advocate for teaching your children at home by allowing them to teach themselves.  By this I mean, you give them the tools, and minimal guidance, to figure things out on their own.  This day was no different.

Son came up with all sorts of ideas of what he wanted to build.  Seriously, a house?!  Come on kid, I’m glad you’re thinking big, but we just don’t have that amount of wood in the scrap bin.  I decided to send him for his sketchbook and a pencil, and have him draw up what he wanted to build.  I told him that this was called a Plan, and that everything that gets built starts with a plan.  So off he ran…

When he was through, he had drawn a gun.  He’s a boy, after all, so I just smiled.  And then I helped Son get the wood.

We laid out our pieces much like a puzzle, until we had the rough shape of a riffle.  Hey, I’m Texan, I’m OK with guns, but I’m no gangster, so I try to limit our arsenal to shot guns.  Even though I understand that my logic is flawed, I figure you can hunt with a riffle, not hold up a liquor store.  Yes.  I know it is completely illogical.  You may shake your head at me.  But back to the story.  We made our shape…

Then, I traced the butt of our BB gun to get the right shape.

Since two of the boards needed curved cuts, I did the sawing with our band saw.

But the barrel of the gun was a simple straight cut, and even though I helped, I left most of the work up to Son.

We used simple nails and a hammer to put the pieces together.  I helped Son line the boards up in the vice, and then helped him hammer in the nails.

And yes, he was beyond excited that his ears are finally big enough to hold a pencil.  It’s the little things!

Once the gun was fully assembled, I handed Son a sander, and told him to get busy.  After a few minutes, though, he got bored, and gave up.  Even in it’s rough shape, he still loves it.

Even better, will be the pictures I can get when he wears his coonskin cap.  Son likes Davy Crockett, and I can only imagine how awesome having a riffle to hunt bears, and maybe wabbits, will be… even if it’s not properly sanded….



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