Crescent Roll Pies…

The other night, Husband was working late, and I wanted something fun for Son and myself to eat for dinner.  You know how even though you’ve eaten better, and certainly made better, food, you still sometimes get a craving for something terrible like those rectangular lunchroom pizzas with the mini, cubed pepperoni?  Well, I was wanting something like that.  I was wanting a hot pocket.  To be more precise, I wanted a ham and cheese hot pocket.  Don’t sneer, you know there’s a soft spot in your tastebuds for those things.

Since I never buy that stuff, I didn’t have any on hand.  I decided to try and make them myself.  I started with a tube of crescent rolls.  That’s right, Sandra Lee doesn’t have the market cornered on the semi-homemade thing.

So I rolled out the crescent roll dough.

I wanted to make two different pies, and I figured that by simply rolling the dough out, using the puff pastry 1/3 envelope method, would get rid of all the crescent roll cuts.  Turns out, this was a bad idea.  Sure, rolling out the dough removed all traces of the cuts for the rolls, but it also became impossible to roll the dough out as thinly as it was before I started messing with it.  So if you decide to make these, DON’T roll out the dough, just pinch the seems together like all other recipes that use crescent rolls as a base tell you do.

After I marred my dough a bit, I went ahead with my plan, and cut the dough in half.  I then placed each half onto a pan lined with parchment, and added shredded cheddar to one, with sliced ham that I cut up, and then mozzarella and pepperoni to the other.

I then folded each piece in half, and pinched the sides closed.

I baked the pies according to the package’s roll direction.  When they were nicely browned, I removed them from the oven, and allowed them to cool slightly.

They tasted pretty good.  The pepperoni was sharp and salty, but the ham and cheese pie was missing that fake taste that makes hot pockets so good.  I think next time I’ll use American cheese, instead of cheddar, it might add to that fakeness that I was missing.  Of course, now I want some lunchroom pizza.  I bet I could use a tube of dinner rolls for that….



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2 responses to “Crescent Roll Pies…

  1. Mike McAloon

    Please…lunchroom and pizza used in the same sentence…really, what is the world coming to. 🙂

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