If You Clean It, They Will Come…

As part of my Get On That Already challenge, where I finally move my tail, and complete a project that I’ve been staring at, and saying “Tomorrow,” I decided I should really turn my attention to my guest room.  There is a strong possibility that I will actually have guests coming this very weekend for Texas Independence Day, and it’s only polite to offer a nice place for them to stay.  Unfortunately, my guest room looked like this…

Yeah.  Welcoming, right?  The bed isn’t even clean off!

Well, I finally got on that, and my guests should be much more comfortable, now.  The room is all cleaned up, and organized.  The bedding is washed, the rug vacuumed, and I even have a water pitcher with two glasses on the night stand.

Pretty swanky, huh?

So after all that work, my guests have to come, right?  I just hope they don’t look in the closet….


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