To Green, or Not To Green…

That was my question.  I even sent some texts to friends hoping for back up.  None of them responded in time, and I was forced to come to a decision on my own.

What about?

Cupcakes.  Specifically, Son’s birthday party cupcakes.

Son actually requested cupcakes for his party, cupcakes and a pinata, and being the awesome mom that I am, I figured why not.  I found a new recipe online, and went to work making his dreams come true.  Everything was golden until I came to the point of the recipe where I was supposed to put the batter into the cupcake tin.  That’s when I froze.

Not literally, but I was faced with indecision.  I pried myself on being less wasteful than I could be, and on saving money; to me, these qualities pretty much go hand in hand.  So what’s wasteful, or expensive about cupcakes?  The wrappers.  I even wrote a post about it way back in the infancy of my blog.  I think I may have wrung my hands over the issue, to wrap, or not, for a good 5 minutes before I deiced to simply jump in.

That’s right.  My cupcakes went naked.  Really, I’m still talking about cake here.  The kind you eat.  I’m not making this sound any better, am I?  Maybe a picture would help!

See?  Cupcakes.  No?  Maybe you should get closer….

No wrappers.  No extra trash to clean up, and throw away.  No extra expense.  Even better for parents of young children, no one had to peel the wrappers off the cupcakes for the kiddos.  Seriously, this can be an issue.  Now sure, there were some asthetic issues to deal with.  The cakes looked more line iced cornbread muffins.  And it turns out that the wrapper gives some stability to a soft cake; they weren’t so easy to pop out of the pan.  All the same, I think I have convinced myself that  this way, my way, is the better way.  I still have cupcake wrappers in the pantry, so I didn’t save any money, but I did enjoy not having to pick up all those soggy rounds of paper after the kids were finished with them, and if you ask me, I think they were easier to eat that way as well.

So the next time you are frozen in the kitchen with a cupcake dilemma, just remember What Would Gettin’ By Do?  She’d let them eat cake, naked.  I mean, without the wrappers!


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