Swag Bags on the Cheap…

Everyone with children knows that it is a social requirement to hand out goody bags to birthday party guests.  Even when I was young, this was a common practice.  Today’s favours are generally of the Oriental Trading junk variety, and Son never seems to make it home before he’s broken something in the bag, and it has to be tossed.  Add that to the fact that I hate tiny bits of plastic crap lying about, and that I’m just plain cheap, I’m not particularly fond of the goody bag requirement.  But Son was really looking forward to giving presents to his friends.  I told him we would see what we could do.

We went to the store, and came back with all of this….

That’s $10.25 worth of party favours for twelve party guests.  So how did I get it so cheap?  I’m lucky, and smart.  Son’s birthday is a few days after Valentine’s day, and with all holidays becoming so commercialized, it’s encouraged to give out stuff in addition to cards.  It also means that the same stuff that would normally go into a party bag is marketed for the big V-day, and afterwards goes on sale.  With the exception of the stickers, I got everything for 50% off.  Yep.  That exact same junk, with out the hearts on the packaging, would’ve cost me 20 bucks!  And since I didn’t want his party guest’s parents to know that I am cheap, I chose things that didn’t look so hearts and kisses.  I mean really, what in the world to foam airplanes have to do with love and St Valentine?  Did cupid get a travel upgrade?

You’ll also notice that I opted for things that are less likely to disintegrate on the drive home.  Bouncy balls?  Not going to crumble for a while.  Pencils?  Pretty stable shelf life.  I only got the silly spiky balls because Son begged me, and it was his party.

I also still had plastic cellophane bags left over from Son’s party last year where I handed out home made cookies, left over bubbles from my mother’s wedding eons ago, and wind-up robots.  So I put Son to work sorting the new swag, and placing them into bags.

Did you notice that I found a use for my newly acquired wine box?    I used it to carry all small party supplies to the party.

You can see it packed with goody bags, napkins, plates, spoons, and decor.

There is also the rope for the pinata, and our family birthday crown that my mother made for me.

So, in closing, if you have to buy swag, and your event is near a give-away holiday, be sure to check the clearance isle before pushing your cart to the party section.  And of course, always use a freely acquired wine box to carry them to your event.


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