Wire Empire…

I didn’t start off this week vowing to blog about what an awesome shopper I am, but after Monday’s post on Thrifting, and then Tuesday’s post on my free wine crate, and then today’s, it’s shaping up to be that way.  Actually, I didn’t even plan to post about this find, I only photographed it as a back up, in case I needed something.  So really, on the scale of post awesomeness, this one is going to be a bit on the lame side.  It basically goes like this…

Hey, I went shopping!

I found something on sale!

I bought it, and brought it home.

Here it is…

Just in case you’re confused, it’s not the cardboard number 5.  I made that, I didn’t waste hard earned money on that junk.  Instead, I spent my money on the Empire State Building.  I spotted it while at Target, after I attacked the wine guy.  It was on sale for $13.50, or something like that, and since I’m still an Architect at heart, it speaks to me.  Even better, it matches this…

The Space Needle that I found while Thrifting back in June.  It seems these structures sell for around 30 bucks a piece, so I’m pretty pleased with my savvy collection.  Too bad they don’t sell wire building sculptures of buildings that really speak to me, like something by Terragni, or Carlo Scarpa.  Instead, they sell mainly tourism landmarks.  Maybe I should begin making my own; you know, put my college education to work….


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  1. hello! Just wanna let you know I think you’re a versatile blogger therefore, would like to confer the title of Versatile Blogger and hand over this Versatile Blogger Award to you 😀

    Link: http://kevntazz.wordpress.com/2012/02/19/sharing-some-blogging-love-yo/

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