Lesson Learned…

I was walking alone through my local Target on Monday, getting last minute V-Day gifts, and I happened to spot a young man.  A young man pushing a large cart.  A young man pushing a large cart stacked with wine.  Now anyone who knows me, knows that it was the wine that got my attention, that, and the enormous size of his cart, not the young man himself, but something came over me.  I parked my cart, and flagged the young man down.

Now before you get too embarassed by my behavior, the guy  was the  wine distributor for this particular Target location, he wasn’t some guy stocking up for a party.  Just the same, he wasn’t expecting to be interrupted, and it took me a bit to get his attention.  But once I did, I made sure to smile sweetly, and I asked him one simple question…

“What are your plans with that large, wooden, box, on your large cart?”

Ok, so that isn’t a direct quote.  I’m just not that wily.   But I did ask about the wine crate, and he said, with a smile,

“Throw it away.  Why?  Do you want it?”

I nearly jumped up and down, Ok, I may have  actually jumped, clapped, and possible even giggled before saying,

“Yes! Please.

I even offered to help him unload it, although he smiled and declined.

Once the box was empty, he handed it over, I smiled, gave him my most gracious “Thank You,” and skipped away.  Ok, I didn’t really skip.  At least, I don’t think I did.  I’m pretty sure.

Admittedly, the woman at the check out was a bit confused when I came rolling through with a free box that Target would probably want to charge me at least 20 bucks for.  I was just happy.

So you want to see it?  Yeah?  You know you want to…

And that giant sticker came right off.  Heck, it wasn’t even stuck on that well.

So what will I do with my new, free, find?  I’ve come across a few ideas…

There’s shelving…

Then there’s this lovely tray I found, although my new crate is a bit on the large side.

And there’s the planter option.  Since I’m thinking of trying a small, indoor herb garden, that might be the way to go.

Who knows what I will do.  Son has already tried to steal the box for his own uses.  The real point of this post was to say…

It NEVER hurts to ask.

And maybe even bat your eyes a bit, when you see something you want.

P.S.  If you like any of those ideas I posted above, just here are the links:

Blue Shelves

Kitchen Shelves





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5 responses to “Lesson Learned…

  1. Cara S.

    Cool! Kind of makes me want to stalk the wine aisle of my target until our local distributor shows up!

    • Cara, just be sure to bat your eyelashes, and flash a bright smile. Just be careful not to look like you’re having an episode; you want a free box, not a trip to the looney bin.

  2. that crate is so so pretty! I’d do exactly the same as you did. good job on such a great find 🙂

  3. Now I’m going to have to haunt Target stores waiting for their wine distributor to show up…

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