Books, Boat, and a Bot…

A few days ago I found myself inside yet another local thriftstore.  Actually, this was a Goodwill, and it was 30 minutes away, so it was a planned trip, but let’s not dwell on the details…

Anytime I walk through one of these places, I start in housewares, glance through toys, and always, always save the book section for last.  Why?  Because as much as I love a good bargain, I love books even more, and when you mix the two, well, lets just say I could dig through a book bin for hours.  This trip was no different.  Once Son made it clear that he had had enough, I went to the checkout, and handed over 30 bucks.  So what did I get?

Yep, a busted menorah, a complete Iluma-Bot toy by Gears Gears Gears, books, a boat, that amazing vase, and then three, large Christmas cones that I didn’t want to drag into the house just for this photo.  I don’t want to brag, but I think that’s a pretty awesome deal.  That Iluma-Bot alone, costs 50 bucks when new!

Let’s take a closer look.

First, the boat.  I’ve always wanted one of those beautifully hand-crafted ships, but could never pay the amount they cost, and I don’t have any relatives that are into that sort of thing.  This one was $1.89.  Sure, it’s broken…

but I’m pretty sure a little wood glue can take care of that.  Same thing with that menorah.  I mean, I don’t think wood glue will cut it, but maybe something from my local hardware store will do the trick.

The vase is one of my favorite finds.

And just in time for Valentine’s Day.  Maybe someone will bring home something to fill it with, hint, hint.  And then there are the books.  The hardbacks are 1.89 a piece, even that huge Management tome that I got for Husband.  As for the paper backs, they tend to be less than a dollar, and that copy of Heart of Darkness is complete with study notes from some overly studious student.  Some people may not like that, but I kind of enjoy it.  It’s a bit of an insight into someone’s mind; a glimpse into how they think.  To be honest, I think margin notes could’ve made Moby Dick  more enjoyable and meaningful, instead of just a book about a crazy, determined man, and a whale.

And then there are the children’s books.

Even in hardback, those are only a dollar.  Son has been begging me to read The Three Musketeers since he saw it on the iPad, but we never get past the first paragraph.  It’s got no pictures, and worse, it’s old-school pros, and not the condensed version.  The Illustrated Classics versions have a picture on every other page, and condensed to make it easier to read.  The Grandad’s Prayer of the Earth book I will take to my dad’s place so he can read it to Son.  My dad is the best book reader; I even think he could win a grammy if he were to ever record an audiobook.  Then again, I may be biased.


So what do you typically buy at thriftstores?  Do you clear out the book section, or maybe you’re more of a plate collector.  Do you ever buy clothes?  I’d love to, but never have the time to dig through those racks.


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