Mission Organization…

Usually, my house is kept pretty neat.  Sure, it’s lived in, but I do pick it up every week, and you all know I’ve been sticking to my monthly House Keeping schedule as part of my Home Maker resolution.  Just the same, I still have secret messes, like this one in the bathroom cabinet I fixed up over a year ago.  Although, it turns out that it wasn’t such a secret mess; many guests apparently like to open the doors when using the facilities.  Today, I’m happy to report that it is still clean and tidy, but I still had another secret mess.  My guestroom dresser drawer.

The guestroom dresser doesn’t hold clothes.  No, it’s supposed to hold crafting / art supplies.  In reallity, it was holding whatever I could cram in it before guests arrived.  It looked like this…

Even worse, this was taken after I started to pull stuff out.

So I carefully emptied the drawer, and laid the contents out neatly so you all could really see what was there.  Prepare to be amazed.

From the top left, moving right, we have office supplies, a hook brought to me from Dubai, or somewhere like that, some empty plastic boxes, a picture button of me from grade school, a box with my class ring, a metal puzzle thing, two rocks from Italy, a ping pong ball, two scales, fire alarms, and a Christmas card.  A roll of 12″ trace paper, my sewing box — a mess unto itself, votives filled with various small stuff, fishing line, a CD-R drive (really?), sandpaper, ribbon, window blinds brackets, tape, my folding ruler, an elastic band, and several scraps of fabric.  A brochure book from Carmel, more tape, a paint can key, lock, more office supplies, some glue, two bottles of bubbles from my mother’s wedding way back in 1998, another plastic box filled with 3M foam, metal car emblems, random papers dated 2007, a whole bag of glue sticks with a hole in it, more glue and emblems, an electric toothbrush used for cleaning things, a clip, a random note on dog breeders, Son’s toy parachute guy, strange plastic clippy thing, and a stack of mixed photos.  Three books to be repaired, a cloth pouch, some wooden letters, a box full of beads and pins, a package of pipe cleaners, a jar of toilet paper, the swag from my Ikea curtain, a superman coloring book, a metal brain puzzle, book of Ukranian art, lightbulbs, my long-lost pinking sheers — I hid them from Son after he used them to cut his hair just before my MIL’s wedding!  Fwew, that was a mouthful!

So I finally tackled those books.  I taped and glued them up, and then had Son put them back on his shelf where they belonged.  I put the CD-R drive into the ‘electronics box’ with the rest of the miscellaneous electronic crap, like zip drives and extension cords.  I put the fabric scraps with the rest of the fabric in my fabric box, and sorted out my sewing box.  I moved all the office supplies to the desk, where they should be, and put the photos away.  I tossed the odd papers, the toothbrush, the cloth pouch, and even that parachuter.  After finding a solution video on youtube, and a bit of forehead scrunching, I put that awful metal puzzle back together, taped it up, and put it with the other puzzles we’ve been given over the years.

In the end, the drawer looked like this…

I kepted the crafting / art supplies, and the light bulbs.  Since they are the bulbs to the lamps above the dresser, it made sense to keep them.  I taped up that holey, whole bag of glue sticks, tried to keep the drawer segregated to each side.

A bunch of the items that I left out of the drawer, like the emblems, the superman book, and the Carmel book, and that hook from the middle east, are now on top of the dresser.  They are all on my “Get on That Already” list.  I want to frame the black and white photo of the race car, I want to scan in the Superman pages, and use them for a painting, and I need to find places to hang the emblems and that hook.  At least the drawer is cleaned.

Guess I better get on that other stuff!

Have you been hiding a dirty little secret?  Tell us all about it!



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