The One…

Nearly four years ago to the day, I borrowed a crystal decanter from my mother’s collection.  How do I know the date so exactly?  I borrowed it for Valentine’s Day.  It was part of a whole set up with scotch and what not.  I was pretending to live the high life.  I never intended to keep it for so long, but after I saw how it looked on my dresser, I just couldn’t bring myself to hand it back.  Besides, she just had it stashed in a dark, quiet closet, and I, I had it shining in the sun.  At least that is what I told myself.  In my defense, I looked all over the internet for another of the same decanter, but I couldn’t find it.  So instead, I took good care of my mother’s, and skirted the question when it came up.  Well, while perusing Etsy the other night, I found it.  The one!

Of course, I did what most children would do; I sent a link to my mother.  I thought maybe, just maybe, if she wanted her decanter back enough, she’d buy me the one I found.  Either she doesn’t really care about her decanter, or she knew what I was up to.  Either way, I had to buy the decanter myself.  Oh well, it was only 50 bucks, plus shipping.

Well, it finally arrived.  Even though the box had FRAGILE written all over it, the box still had two large holes in it.  I was a bit worried, but the seller packed it well.  My decanter was undamaged.  I cleaned it off, and placed it in the place of my mother’s.

See?  It does look perfect.  And I’m sure my mother will be happy to have her’s back, even if it does just sit in a dark, quiet closet.

So have you ever found discovered something perfect, scour without luck, and then stumble across it years later after you have given up?



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2 responses to “The One…

  1. Caedwin

    don’t forget the glasses as well! :}

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