So How About That Game…?

What did you do for the Big Game?  Normally we get together with friends, and visit while the game is on in the back ground, but not so this time.  This year, we stayed home, and kept our Super Bowl family style.  It was just us three, and since we chose a team to cheer for a week ago, we actually watched the game too.  But I know you didn’t tune in to see my take on football, and the like.  No, this post is about the food I made for our Super Bowl Supper.

We just really started watching football this season, and that meant that every Sunday that our Chosen team was playing, we camped out on the coffee table with wings, fries, and veggie sticks from Wing Stop.  Their wings are my favorite, and who wants to slave away in the kitchen on a Sunday morning?  But for the Super Bowl, I knew I’d have to place an order weeks in advance, and fight the crowds if I wanted my favorite wings, so I made a new plan.  I still love wings, but pizza is good too, and I had my pizza dough stored in the freezer.  I decided to make a Buffalo Bacon Cheddar Calzone.  Now just wait before you get all, “Say What!!”  Observe…

I first cut a piece of dough from my thawed dough round, and set it aside to make Son a mini-pizza.  Then, I rolled my dough nice and flat, and roundish.  I mixed some pulled chicken with wing sauce, and then spread more sauce on the dough.  I topped half the dough with shredded cheddar and mozzarella, crumbled bacon, the chicken, and finally, more cheese.

Of course, I folded the dough over, and twisted the edges.  Then I made Son’s pizza.

And cooked them in a 500 degree oven until they were golden brown.  The pizza was done in minutes, but the calzone took a bit longer.

I also made some stuffed pepperoncini.

I cooked up some bacon, the same bacon I used on the calzone, mixed it with some chopped bell peppers, and cream cheese.  I mixed it in a ziplock baggie, hoping that I could then ‘pipe’ the filling into the peppers.

It didn’t work.  I ended up pushing the cheese filling into the slit peppers by hand.  It was messy.  Very messy.  It meant that I had to wipe the peppers down after I was finished.

But I didn’t stop there.  I picked up some Wholly Guacamole at the store, and added some tomatoes and lime.  And I got some french onion dip.  Pretty easy, really.

So our feast looked like this…

And the close-ups….

I thought the calzone was great.  Husband wasn’t so sure, but it turns out he only likes his wings and potato chips Bufalo’d.  Who knew!?  And those messy to make peppers?  I thought they were great.  I think I ate over ten of them.  Husband couldn’t stay out of the dips.  Guess I know where his loyalties lie…

So, what did you have?  Did you order take out?  Did you slave away all day?  Or did you go somewhere, and let someone else do the work?





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2 responses to “So How About That Game…?

  1. Caedwin

    We stayed home and had “to each his own” snacks: husband had plain baked wings and little smokies sausages; I had Wholly Guacamole with cheese nachos and good ol’ Fritos bean dip with Fritos. Wished I had thought to make some brownies, but didn’t think of it until after the game had started.

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