Like Mother, Like Son…

I am no parenting expert, but if you’ve been following this blog for any time at all, you know that I firmly believe in letting children do whatever activities their parents do, and I don’t really believe in giving children plastic, useless versions of tools.  So when we built Son’s new bed, we bought him a real hammer.  Sure, it was a tack hammer, but it was a real hammer none the less.  Nothing is more frustrating than trying to do a job with an inefficient tool.  And although we didn’t let Son hammer on his bed, we did give him a block of wood and real nails.  I don’t even think he smashed his thumb once!

Keeping these things in mind, when Son mentioned that he wanted to do some sewing, and handed me a skein of embroidery floss, I said “Ok, we’ll get you your own stuff at the store when we go.”

So when we went to Michael’s to pick up a few things, I checked out their needle aisle.  I noticed a set of needles called “Tapestry” needles.  Their points didn’t seem too sharp to hurt little fingers, or too dull to make them useless with actual fabric.  So I picked them up, and when we got home, I got Son settled.

I used some fabric left over from the shower curtain project, stretched it over a 12″ hoop, and threaded his new needle.  He has worked on it for a few days, now.

He’s so excited, and really seems to enjoy it.  Even more impressive, is that he’s actually doing a pretty good job!

I told him to simply follow the lines, and that is what he’s done.  He even asked to change colors when he ran out of green.  Some may say a boy shouldn’t be sewing, but he thinks it’s a peregrine falcon, which is tough, and cool. So there.

As of the writing of this post, Son has finished outlining the legs in yellow, and begun outlining the wing in orange.  To each their own.  Maybe once he’s got the bird outlined, I show him how to fill it in using a satin stitch.



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10 responses to “Like Mother, Like Son…

  1. that’s so great! My parents are firm believers that there are no such thing as a ‘boys-only’ or ‘girls-only’ tasks. As a result, all of us girls know how to use power tool and all of the boys (i have four brothers) know how to cook (quite well!) and bake. Your son will thank you someday. Good job 😀

  2. Caedwin

    I know I’m dating myself here, but if Pro Football great Rosie Grier (play offensive line for the LA Rams) could needlepoint (he did it for relaxation when the team flew to games), then I would say that ANY boy can do needlework!

    • It’s okay, I don’t know who Rosie Grier is and I’m not gonna google it but if an NFL pro footballer does that, then any other guy shouldn’t worry about knowing how to do it. I always think that those who are scared of being called a sissy are the ones who are not so sure of their manliness hehehe

  3. My NFL knowledge is mostly limited to the Cleveland Browns and who they play :p

  4. anastasiawraight

    That is amazing! It’s wonderful to read about a parent encouraging their child in anything they want to try. And he’s doing such a great job!

    • It seems the trick is to give him an outline to follow. When I give him a blank slate, he only sews knots, and gets frustrated. He’s actually very proud of his “Falcon,” and his father is impressed as well.

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