Get On That Already…

Over on YHL, Sherry has begun this project called “Get on That Already!”  The idea is that she goes through all the projects she has back-logged, and either finishes it, or donate/craigslist the item.  I guess you could say I was inspired, or felt guilty, and decided I should do the same.

Last year some time, during college football season, Husband and I went to Austin, Texas for a quick weekend escape.  After walking through a few shops, and before stopping for food, and drinks, I came across what I thought would be a lovely addition to our hallway gallery wall.  It was a laser cut card, depicting the Austin skyline.  I loved the look, and that it said “I went to Austin,” without saying anything about t-shirts.  I paid for it, carefully packed it so it wouldn’t get bent, and brought it home.  Then it lived in the guestroom until now.

I finally picked up a frame for it, when I came across a sale, but the frame was black.  Bah!

Of course, I knew how to remedy that!  I took it outside, and shot it with white paint.  Once it dried, I put the card into it, and hung it in the hallway.

What do you think?  I wonder if Husband will even notice it.  It does feel good to finally get it done!  Maybe Sherry is on to something….


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