Custom Invites…

Son’s birthday is just around the corner, and every year, I have custom made his invites.  The first year, I chose his favorite book as inspiration, and scanned images from The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and then created a folded paper invite to mimic the way the pages in the book are offset.  The second year, I slacked a little, and just did a train with Happy Birthday smoke.  Last year, I slacked even more.  Son wanted a “Monsters and Robots” party, and I just did a 4×6 placard, in the style of a comic book, advertising the meeting of Monsters and Robots — think monster truck rally poster.  But this year, this year I stepped it back up.

This year, we’re having Son’s party at the local Fire Station.  Many municipalities allow this, and ours allows it for free!  So of course I created a Firetruck  themed invite.

I started with a google image search of fire trucks, and then colored one on my computer.  After I was happy with how it looked, I fit it to 4×6 card — I just like how that size feels for invites, and printed two to a page.  Now, I said I stepped it up this year, so don’t think I just printed out the 4×6 cards, and called it a day.  No.  I took my printouts to the table, and got to work.

You can see that my invitation shows a firetruck without a ladder, and that the ladder is printed to the side.  Just wait, and be amazed.  I cut out my invites, and then cut out my ladders.  I cut a slit around the ladder support on the truck, and insert my ladder.  Then, I took one of my straight pins, and bent it over to create a brad.

I put the pin through the ladder support and the ladder piece, and then covered it with a nicely squared piece of tape.  From the front, you can barely see the pin.

The final invite looks like this…

And then, the piece de resistance…

WaBAMM!  That’s right.  This invitation has an operable ladder.  I know, I rock.  I’m so excited about them, and I think Son thinks they’re pretty awesome too.  Now, I just have 19 more to go…

In case you’re interested, or know someone who might be, I am willing to sell my design, the buyer would just have to purchase the paper, and enlist some friends to help assemble.  I recommend bribing them with wine!


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