Up a Tree…


This tree…

It was a beautiful, 70 degree day, and I felt it was a perfect time to get started on our latest back yard edition.

I don’t know if you can tell from this photo, but this tree is the play center of our back yard.  From its branches hang Son’s swing, and two climbing / swinging ropes.  In the summer, this tree shades the sand box, and even our thrifted hammock.  And now, I am asking one more thing of our own little Giving Tree.  I need it to be a slide support.

Way back in November, or maybe even October, I decided to take a different way home.  I can’t tell you why I suddenly had the urge to turn right, two rights too soon, but I guess it was fate.  While driving down that street, I came across a large slide, tossed to the curb.  I quickly thanked the gods, and called Husband.  He picked it up on his way home from work.  Why was I so excited?  Sure, there’s the warm fuzzies you get from saving an item from the landfill, but that’s not why I was so giddy.  Have you ever priced a child’s slide?  It’s insane!  The cheapest ones will run you at least $200 bucks, and the more expensive styles cost closer to your first born’s college tuition.  Ok, so maybe that last one was a bit of an over statement, but not by much.

Husband hobbled something together so Son could use the slide, and while it is sturdy, it’s not exactly pretty.

Yes, that is an old table, and yes, those are old chairs re-purposed into a ladder.  Please, ignore the ropes.  I think it’s pretty obvious that we need a more permanent solution.  So I gathered some tools, and got to work.

I started with this…

Now before you get worried that I’m using cardboard to build something in a tree, I promise you I am not.  Instead, I’m using my cardboard to create a template for the future, wooden platform that the slide can be attached to.

I climbed up, and using a pencil and a pair of scissors, I cut the cardboard to fit.

I cut the spaces for the branches out, and made adjustments, and notes as needed.

When I was finished, it looked like this…

Of course, my helper decided to take a Newtonian break…

So why the cardboard?  Simple.  It’s light, and easy to cut.  When we get to the next step of actually building the platform with wood, will will have a place to start, without having to guess, and hold heavy planks over our heads.  Don’t worry, I’ll keep you posted.



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