Bucket O’ Fun…

Son is getting older.  And now, his toys are getting older too.  He’s graduated from teethers and stack-able boxes to super heroes and duplos.  But even the duplos will go away soon.  He got several lego sets for Christmas.  I have yet to decide if they were a gift for him, or pay back for his parents, maybe both.  Just the same, I was in need of a new place to keep all these small, sharp, and painful pieces.

I am currently in the process of designing some sort of new toy storage and desk system for Son’s room, so I wasn’t ready to commit to something I had to purchase for this new lego storage.  But then I remembered.  I had this…

We received this bucket, one of a pair, actually, as a gimme from our favourite Austrian restaurant.   Ever since happily carting them home, they’ve lived empty in the garage.  Now, sure, I could’ve left the bucket as is, but something just didn’t seem right about keeping a beer bucket in Son’s room; maybe it was the Lone Star brand.  Yuck.

I broke out the spray paint, and shot the bucket silver.  Several coats later, I had a more kid-friendly storage option.

Even better, it was free, and those pesky land mines are no longer threatening my bare feet.


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