Custom Converse…

Months ago, while trawling Pinterest, I came across this bag, which I loved.

It was suggested that the bag could be made from a thrifted man’s jacket, and some old belts.  I figured this was an undertaking I could handle, and simple repinned the bag, but then something happened.  I was shopping at Target, when I came across a very similar bag, already made.

It was so similar, that I added it to my wish list, and then I received it for Christmas.  Yay!  There was just one thing I didn’t like about the bag; well, six things.  I hated those rings.  I immediately decided to remove the rings, but then got scared, and simply carried the bag as-is for a few weeks.  Today, I finally got the nerve to do what I knew I should’ve done all along.

I started with this…

I just felt the rings made the bag look cheap, and not nearly as chic as it could look without the extra hardware.  So I got the pliers.  A bit of sweat, and tears later — pulling those rings apart was seriously painful on my hands, I had a pile of useless rings…

and a much more chic and stylish bag…

And just in case you can’t tell just how much better it is, here is a close-up.

I think it looks a thousand times better.  I wish I had pulled out the pliers weeks ago, when I first thought of it, instead of second-guessing myself.  You think by now I’d know just how smart I am, and listen to myself.  Now I just have to figure out what to do with that zipper pull.  Self?  Self?


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