Put It Away, Put It Away, Yeah…

Ok, so that’s a poor excuse for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, but once it got stuck in my head, there was nothing I could do.  Besides, it pretty much sums up how happy I am to have all the Christmas stuff put away.

It took me a whole day, minus the Grocery Shopping interruption, to get my house back to normal.  That included taking down all those ornaments I hung around randomly, the giant snowflakes, and of course the tree and things.  But with all my Christmas Spirit, this year, I didn’t have room for all my decor in the little ornament tub I usually use.  Luckily, I had some things laying around to get my stuff tucked up safely.

First, I had a handful of ornaments that didn’t come with packaging.  I remembered that I had about 100 large egg trays from when I was buying 2.5 dozen eggs a week — Husband was on a diet, and by 100, I really mean more like 8.  I grabbed one, and tested some ornaments in the spaces.  The holes were too small for any of my round ornaments, bummer, but it worked perfectly for the long, crazy shaped ones.

Since the tray wasn’t full, and the bulbs were a bit tall, I cut the tray in half, and sat it on top.  Perfect, fit!

I used some tape to seal it up, and placed it carefully into my ornament tub.

I still had some overflow, though.  It was clear I needed to up my box number, and I had the perfect one out in the garage; a liquor box.  Liquor stores always have boxes on hand, and because they are used to hold heavy, glass bottles, they tend to be pretty durable.  Even better, the boxes always have dividers making them perfect for Christmas decor.

I wrapped, and put my tree-shaped jar in the center, wrapped and put all three nutcrackers in another section, and then carefully wrapped the remaining ornaments, like my thrifted antique ones, into other sections.

I was able to get all my decor, with the exception of my pop-sickle snow flakes, into three boxes, and that includes my tree.  I think that’s pretty good, and Husband should be thankful, since he’s the one that has to put it all back into the attic.


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