If you’ve followed this little blog at all, you know I often make toys for Son’s enjoyment, including puzzles, a garage, and now, a target.

For Christmas, one of Son’s Aunts gave him a nerf-style gun; you know, the kind with the suction cups, and I may, or may not have, said something about him shooting an eye out.  Just the same, Son loves it.  To keep him entertained, and give his aim some purpose, other than making me duck and squeal, I drew him a target on his bedroom window with a dry-erase marker.  After that, it was up to Son to take aim and fire.

Ok, so this was one of the easiest toy I’ve ever made.  It literally took me seconds.  But none of that matters.  Look how happy he is!  And his aim is soo good!  True, he may be standing a bit close, and the target might be just a tad big.  I’m just glad it’s no longer me!


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