Did Someone Say Bacon!

This year, Husband decided to smoke a turkey for our Christmas dinner.  It was the best turkey I have ever eaten, and will certainly be a new tradition, but that has nothing to do with bacon, and I did say bacon.  Because Husband was smoking the turkey, I decided to skip the traditional mashed potatoes and green beans, and went with something a bit more southern, with bacon in every bite.  I made a bacon sprinkled salad, grits, and some purple hull peas, which taste a lot like their black-eyed cousins, and as an appetizer, I made bacon jam on grits crackers, courtesy of Cherry Tea Cakes.

While the crackers didn’t quite turn out right, instead tasting like uncooked grits, the jam is amazing.  Here’s how I did it.

I started with a pound of bacon.  I know, it’s a lot.  I laid it out on a cooling rack that was laid inside a sheet pan.

I didn’t even bother with laying them too neatly; I just wanted to get it all on one sheet.  Then I baked it in a 425 degree oven until it was brown, and my house smelled like heaven.

While it cooked, I assembled my ingredients…

Yep, that’s bourbon whiskey, syrup, and vinegar, along with brown sugar and coffee mixed in the pyrex.  I poured it all into a sauce pan, and boiled it according to the recipe.

At some point, I also finely diced some onions, and cooked them until soft.  But I drank too much of the bourbon to remember which step it actually was.  Whoops!

Once everything was cooked, I put it all into a crock pot, and cooked it on high, with the lid off, for 4ish hours.

When it was done, and had cooled, a chopped it up in my food processor, and put it into a jar.

The jam is great, and makes a great cheese sandwich.  It also mixes in with other dishes, adding delicious bacon flavor to everything it touches.  And don’t cringe, it isn’t greasy.  The bacon grease is drained, and patted away before being added to the slow cooker.  So no worries.  It’s better for you than that tin of butter cookies you scarfed down last week.



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