Deck the Walls…

With Christmas Cards?  Yeah, I’m still not sure if this is a hit or a miss.  I’ll let you guys weigh in…

A few weeks ago, when we started getting Christmas cards in the mail, I decided I had to do something with them.  Usually, I just set them up on the entertainment center, but since I subjected myself to my own crazy Christmas pledge, I thought I’d do something better.

At first, I thought about creating one of those holiday wreaths out of the cards, but that has been done.  Then, I thought of garland.  I’ve never seen that done with Christmas cards, so why not give it a shot.  So I strung some of my thrifted beads, and used paper clips and ornament hooks to hang my cards.

From the floor, the paper clips aren’t so noticeable.


In the center, I hung some dollar store bells, and a large clump of mistletoe.  I never pay for mistletoe, and I hang some every year.  How?  I cut it off of trees along the side of the road.  Mistletoe grows on trees, sort of like a lichen, but not as nice for the tree.  Once the leaves fall from the trees, it’s very easy to spot.  It’s the only green clump of leaves to be seen.

Yep, that’s all mistletoe, and it could kill that tree if someone like me doesn’t come around to cut it out for home decor.  See, I told you I’m green!  Mistletoe typically grows high on the tee, but luckily for me, I always seem to find some at my 5′-3″ level.

Once I got my clump, I tied it up with some ribbon I had on hand, and hung it up.

So what do you think?  Is this a hit, or a miss?

I’m leaning toward miss.  But I think the idea is good.  I think what I may do, is something more like this paper garland, found at Curbly

What I’m thinking, is punching circles from each card I receive, and adding it to the paper garland every year.  I think it could be neat over time, especially with so many photo Christmas cards sent every year.  Now I just have to buy a punch, and find a sewing machine needle that is up to the task of stitching through card stock.

Oh, and lest you think I’m overly popular, nine of those Christmas cards are from my own stash, but as I swap mine out with real ones once they come in the mail.


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