Hanging Out…

With Christmas quickly approaching, and family coming to my house, I’m in full countdown mode.  I have tons to do, and adding a bit more Christmas Cheer is part of it.  I decided to hang a few ornaments around the house.  First, I hung three of those really heavy, antiquey orbs that I found at the thrift store, seen here.

I have this odd little window next to my front door, and it seemed the perfect place to show off some special ornaments that are too heavy for the tree.  I just used push pins on the side of the wall that is rarely seen, and some gold thread.

Sure, I’m a little nervous that an orb may crash to the floor, but they look so lovely hanging there.

And I didn’t stop there!  Oh no.  I even decided to decorate the bathroom.

When I redesigned Son’s bathroom, I created a towel rack out of a holly bush we had cut down.  Seen here.  Well, it seemed a shame, since Son’s bathroom is also the guest bath, to leave those branches empty when I had tons of left over ornaments laying around.

The project took less than 30 minutes, and I hope will give a smile to the guest who come to the house.  Have you guys decorated any rooms you normally wouldn’t?


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