Fruit….On a Stick…

Son has been going to school for an entire semester, and although I joined the PTA, there hadn’t been any meetings, and I hadn’t met with any of the other parents.  So the other night, when a fellow mom called to asked me to help out with the class Christmas Party, I jumped at the chance.  She asked that I make some fruit kabobs, and even suggested which fruits to use, so I didn’t have much reason to say no.  It all seemed overly easy.  So I purchased some skewers, strawberries, dark grapes, and bananas, and then, just to put my own spin on it, I picked up some white chocolate, candy pearls, and silver sprinkles.

First, I laid out all my skewers…

and cut them all in half.

Then, I sorted through my boxes of strawberries, pulling out all the smaller ones; these snacks were for three year olds after all.  I cut the ends off the berries, and set Son to work, picking the grapes apart.  Once we had our fruit separated, Son and I carefully slid the grapes onto the skewers, and then capped them off with the strawberries.

While Son finished up the skewering, I melted the white chocolate in a glass jar, using the microwave.  I used the jar because I wanted something tall and narrow, you know, to aid in the dipping process ahead.

That’s right, I took each of our skewered fruits, and dipped the strawberry portion into the chocolate.  Then I carefully placed my skewers into the slots of my pasta strainer to dry.

I let them sit over night, and then, just before the party, I sliced up a banana, and slid them onto the kabobs from the bottom.  I then covered them in my sprinkles, I wanted them to look festive, and placed them on a platter.

All the parents raved about them, and more than a few asked for the recipe.  One kid asked for another one, and when I suggested that he eat his sandwich first, gobbled it up in two bites.  I gave him more fruit.

Hopefully, I’ve shown my stuff, and these will be my invitation into the inner PTA circle.  I’ll keep you posted.


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