Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree….

How smelly are your branches…

As the school year inched closer to Christmas, I realized that Son should probably give his teacher a gift.  She has really taught him a lot, and he really likes her.  So I asked Son what he would like to give her for Christmas.  True to form, he answered with something a bit off.  First, he said, “a flower!”  That seemed sweet enough, but before I could even comment on his suggestion, he changed his mind.  “No, I’ll give her a tree!”

Me:  A tree?  Really?

Son:  Yes, a tree.  A tiny one.

Me:  Ok, I think we can do that!

I remembered I had once seen a local store selling small rosemary trees around this time of year, and  I figured they might still, so I sent Husband to check it out — he works closer to the store.   Unfortunately, they only had spruces, or something piney; no rosemary.  With only one day left to find a gift, I had resigned myself to giving her some stamps, or something else teacherly, if I couldn’t find the tree at one last store.  I walked up to my local Home Depot, and there she was, the tree, not the teacher.  I plopped down 12 buckaroos, and stashed her in my car.  Then I went crazy.

I bought a small glass angel, and a jingle bell garland from the dollar store.

In the end, the tree looked pretty good, and Son was so excited to give it to her.


Unfortunately, I forgot to photograph the gift with a real camera.  Call me lost in excitement.

One teacher mouthed to me, as I dropped Son off at school, “That’s Awesome!”  And Son’s Teacher wrote a nice thank you note.  When I asked Son what she said when he gave it to her, he said…

“She said thank you, and I told her it was a stinky tree, and that it needed a bath.”

Of course, you did, Son.  Of course you did.


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