I’m Sorry, I Don’t Always Think It Matters…

I didn’t take the time to write a post yesterday.  I hadn’t created or cooked anything, and I hadn’t had any epiphanies, so I didn’t even bother to open my account.  But something happened that made me regret that, made me feel like a slacker, and like I let you all down.  You see, someone, who wasn’t my mom, walked out of their way to tell me, in person, that they like my blog, that they enjoyed it, and that I’m doing a great job.  Even better, this person is planning on using one of my recipes!  I was blown away.  It really meant a lot to me, and as I said, made me feel a little guilty.  It’s easy to forget that anyone is on the other side of this monitor.  When I view my stats, all I see are how many people visit my little blog, and I just assume they either stumbled here by mistake, by one of the many links I put out there, or they are related to me.  I can’t see any repeat customers, and since I rarely have any comments, I assume nobody comes back.

So thank you.  And now that I know I really am making a difference, I want to try harder.  Much harder.  I’m a people-pleaser at heart, and now that I know there are people out there I am pleasing, that didn’t come out right….

Lets just say I’m sorry I slack off sometimes, and I promise to work harder.  Heck, I already have a project completed for Friday!


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