Christmas Clothes…

I never thought I’d be a table cloth person, but after falling in love with my Dwell for Target table cloth, seen here, it turns out that I am.  When the table is cleared on Laundry day, the kitchen just looks so down, and stays that way until the table cloth is clean; think of Linus waiting for his blanket as it rotates in the drier.  The table just sags without it.  But now that it’s Christmas time, my table cloth just wasn’t jiving with the season.

It was just too springy.  So I looked around for a cheap table cloth option that said Christmas.  The only problem is that all the cloths I found just weren’t my bag.  In fact, they were reminding me why I’m not a table cloth person.  So I made a trip to the fabric store.

Son and I browsed the aisles, looking carefully for something that would work.  Sure, they had lots of seasonal fabrics, but we just weren’t feeling them.  Instead, I found myself loving the red plaid.  Luckily, Hancock Fabrics is having a 50% off sale this holiday season, otherwise plaid isn’t the cheapest of fabrics.  I picked up 4 yards of flannel for $4.49 a yard, making it just under 18 clams.

I brought it home, and draped it over my table.  I was hoping that the width of the fabric would be enough to cover my table, but it wasn’t.  This is why I asked for 4 yards instead of just 2.  That meant that I was going to have to seam two pieces together.  So I cut my fabric, and then pinned it together, making sure to match the plaid pattern carefully.  Then I started sewing them together.

Unfortunately, I pinned the wrong sides together, meaning that the backside of the fabric would be ontop, or the seam would.  Not good.  I stopped sewing, ripped my stitches, and then repinned, and re-sewed it all over again.

The fabric finally wide enough, I draped it over the table to get my measurements.  I then folded and ironed all four seams, and stitched them up.  Sewing plaid is pretty awesome.  I didn’t have to measure any of my seams, I simply had to fold to the line!  After working all afternoon, my new Christmas Cloth was finally finished.

And look, you can barely see the seam where I pieced together the two panels of fabric.  Hint: It’s in that picture above, just near the forks.  Yeah, I know, I’m awesome.

Really, it’s the softest table cloth ever.  After gorging on Christmas delights, you could curl right up on it, and take a nap.  And I’m loving the new Merry vibe.  Even better, I love that I can bring the table cloth out as soon as Fall turns up, and leave it on until spring!

What do you think?


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