Little Virtual Redo…

My Sister in Law, along with her husband, just bought, and moved into, their first house.  I know they are excited, and even a bit over whelmed.  I know this because my sister in law asked for my help decorating her living room; at least I can’t think of any other reason someone would ask for my help.  She has clearly gone insane.  But, never one to leave someone in the lurch, I came up with some ideas to help her out.

Sister in Law already has a couch, and I am told tan-painted walls.  I have yet to see her new house, so she could’ve made all this up.  We will pretend she didn’t, but she could have; she is crazy, after all.

The one thing she really wanted to do was brighten up the room.  My first instinct is to tell her to put in a window, but that would only help during the day.  Next, I would suggest installing 1000 watt bulbs, and maybe even a runway light, but I’m not sure she has the permits for those.  So I went with the next best thing: accessories.   I looked online for a copy of her couch, and then found lamps and pillows to match the rug image she sent me.  I then compiled them altogether in a computer program.  Wallah!


I went with simple, elegant, and safe for the first one.  I don’t know where she got the rug or the couch, but the others are as follows.  By the way, those lamp shades aren’t really that squished.


Then I decided to have some fun.


Items found here…


I don’t know that she will like either of these designs, to tell the truth.  But after owning a house for over 5 years, I do have a bit of advise.  When I began decorating my house the first time, I thought I had to be serious and grown up about it; after all, I was a home owner, and a grown up.   But now I have come to realize that in doing so, I kinda covered up myself.  I am now in the process of redoing my living room because the current decor sort of weighs on me.  I want it to be freer, more fun, and more me.

It seems a lot of first-timers do this same sort of thing.  So Sister in Law, decorate how you want, but remember to have fun.  Make sure your room says “Sister in Law lives here,”  and not “I live in a beautiful showroom.  DON’T TOUCH!”



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  1. Pamela

    You’re a genius. Love your ideas. I’m probably going with the first look!

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