Let It Snow…

This December, I thought I’d do something industrious.  I decided to create, and blog about, at least one Christmas inspired project per week.  At first, I wanted to do one every day, but I got scared.  So far, it is December 2nd, and I have posted my Christmas Tree, here, and today, my latest creation.

A snowflake, made of popsickle sticks.

Ok, yes, it sounds terribly lame when I put it like that, but just wait until you see it.

I got the idea from Crafty Nest, and since I had all the materials on hand, thought it would be the perfect start to my Christmas Decorathon.  You see, when Husband and I got married, in Texas, in July, I thought it would be better to use fans as programs, and forced Husband to glue popsickel sticks to about 50 programs, although I’m sure he will tell you it was hundreds.  Ever since, I’ve had a box full of sticks in the closet, and nothing to do with them, until now.

To make my snowflakes, I started with a template.  I drew lines at 60 degree angles.


Then I glued my sticks together, while laying them on top of my lines to get a hexagon.


Once that was done, I played around with a few different patterns and ideas.  Then I assembled pieces if my flake separately.

I also decided to create a star flake using the same template, but not the wheel design.


Once everything was dry, I put all my parts together, and painted my three snowflakes.


Unfortunately, my star shaped flake crashed to the floor while hanging.


Total bummer  humbug.  So it’s being glued back together, but I felt bad about not sharing with you my favorite flake.

Truth be told, I wasn’t sure how this project would turn out, but since it wasn’t going to cost me anything but time, I went for it.  I’m glad I did.  I love the results.   I do wish they weren’t so fragile; I’d like to keep them from year to year.  I chose to use red and white paint, but figure they can be repainted anytime, to go with anything colour scheme.  And even though I’m not typically a glitter person, it’s Christmas, and I think these things could really shine with a full coat of glitter.

If you decide to take on this task, let me know what you choose to go with.  I’d love to see them!



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One response to “Let It Snow…

  1. Cara S.

    This is so fun!

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