Christmas Time Is Finally Here…

Unlike some people, ahem stores, I chose to wait until after Thanksgiving to begin my Christmas celebrations.  So as soon as the turkey was put away, I pulled the tree down from the attic.  Ok, so I waited until the Sunday after, but it still went up.  I don’t know if you can tell from my blog, but my home is small when compared to some, and finding a place for the tree has been a challenge, especially as we’ve added more furniture to the living room.  The tree has lived in several locations now.  It began in front of the front window, but once we put a desk in that corner, the tree no longer fit.  Then, last year, we put it in the corner, near the couch, but that blocked the back door, and while I thought I could live with that for a month, it turns out that I can’t.  I hated not being able to get to the back yard, and now that Son is older, I’m sure I would hate not being able to send him outside to play.

So this year, I went drastic.  I moved some furniture around.  I decided to move the bar from here…

to a corner in the kitchen/dining room.  Then I asked Husband to set up the tree.

Of course, it was my job to put everything onto the tree, including lights, and fluffing the thing.  I hate fluffing the tree.

I always put the little lights onto the tree before I fluff, and then push them in further while fluffing.

Then, I put on my bigger, prettier lights.  Next, I hang all the plain ball ornaments, tucking half of them into the inside of the tree to create depth.  After, I hang all the other ornaments.  Of course, this year, I had lots of help from Son, which was a bit nerve racking since 99% of my ornaments are glass, but he only broke one glass pine cone, and it was a new one I had picked up just last January; not a big deal.

In the end, the tree looked like this…

And here are a few of my favorites…

I’m an Architect, by education, so of course I have a building on the tree.

The fish is part of a wedding set of ornaments my mother gave me the year I was married.

This guy is new, but I love how he perches on the branches.

And finally, two ornaments we made with Son…

We made these his first two Christmases, and even gave some away as gifts.  I loved the idea, and wished we could’ve kept it going, but his hand was just getting too big; by the time he’s 16 we’d need a basketball sized orb.

So far I love the tree in this new location.  Sure, it’s odd not having the bar in the location it’s stood for the last 5 years, but it seems to be working out wonderfully.  Of course, that’s what I thought about last year’s location.  I’ll let you know what I think come January.



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2 responses to “Christmas Time Is Finally Here…

  1. namhenderson

    We just set our’s up a couple of days ago. Then yesterday discovered we have an infestation of spruce spider mites. Apparently our tree seller didn’t do their job properly…

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