Clock Me Out…

Months ago, OK, maybe so many months to as to equal a year, I found a shadow-box clock behind my Mother In-Laws place, covered with dirt, dust, and who knows what else.  While it was filthy, and filled with some sort of fake/dead plant, and ugly, I saw something in it.  I asked if I could have it, and she said yes.  I brought it home, and photographed it for you guys.

I loved the clock portion, the oval, and the depth of the frame.  I did not love the plants, dirt, background, or colour of the frame.  Yuck.  I started by taking the whole contraption apart, and scraping the black paint from the glass, keeping that awesome oval, of course.  It was a messy, disgusting job, and totally not worth photographing.  Then I came up with a few design ideas in Illustrator, and asked you guys for your opinion.  More on that here.

I decided on this design…

and that is where the project stayed until last week.  I finally got down to business.  I masked off my glass pane, and shot the frame with high gloss white paint.  Unfortunately, it just wasn’t working.

Instead of looking crisp and clean, it was looking like a Dalmatian.  The frame’s wood was punched with thousands of tiny holes, I suppose to lend the piece a nice distressed look, and those holes weren’t filling in with paint on their own as I had hoped.  Instead, I had to use putty to fill them all.  I wasn’t about to go all out, and buy special putty for this project, so I just used some wall spackle.  After it dried, I sanded it smooth, and repainted the frame.  Perfection.

Because I wanted this clock to be a sort of scrapbook of good times, I needed a hole in the frame to drop in remembrance items.  Ideally, I would’ve thought of this before I painted the frame, but I didn’t.  I measured the opening I wanted, and drew it on the frame.

I drilled a hole on each end, and then cut the middle out with a small Xacto saw.  Yes, it took a while.

With the frame done, I got started on the background.  I removed the clock,

 and mixed up some grey paint.

After the grey paint dried, I drew on the text with a pencil, and started painting the letters.

After many hours of tediously painting the letters, the background was finished!

I was ready to install the clock.  Now I had done this whole project with the assumption that the clock actually worked.  I tested it just before I put it all back together, and sadly, it did not.  Not to worry, though, I was able to pick up a new clock motor at Wal Mart for less than 5 bucks.  But sadly, the original arms, hands?, didn’t fit onto the new motor.  Grrrrr.  Luckily, I have an amazing husband who can fix anything.  He drilled the hand holes, and made it all work.  Yay!  I put the whole thing back together, and quickly hung it on the wall.

And then I filled it with a few mementos from trips, operas, and dinners.

Sadly, hanging up the finished clock frame means that we had to take Rita off the wall.

Son has actually grown so attached to her, that he tried to hang her back up.  Sorry Kid, but it’s time to say Adios!  Mamma finally finished the clock, and it’s much cooler than cut newspaper.


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