Trend Setter…

Yep, that’s me!  I’ve set lots of trends.  I wore plaid shirts before 2007, rolled up my blue jeans back in 2004 (mostly to keep them dry when the pavement was wet), and now, I’m dictating jewelry style.  I’m fierce.

Don’t believe me?  I have proof.  Bella stole my ring!  Ok, so I’m not a twihard, or twilighter, or whatever they call those ladies, because lets face it, there aren’t any males on Team Edward, I just happen to catch the new Twilight movie preview while watching TV the other day.  That’s when I saw it.  Right there, on Bella’s left hand, was my wedding ring, the one I designed after my Grandmother tossed the one Husband slipped on my finger.


You only get a snippet, but it was enough to catch my eye, and say “Hey!” to the T.V.  Yeah, no one was home.  I quickly did an internet search and found this…

Ready to see mine?

It’s home made.  Here’s the story…

When Husband proposed, he gave me a simple three-stone ring…

And when we got married, he added the matching band to go with it…

creating a finished product like this…

I loved it, and wore it everyday, until I gave birth to Son in 2008 because it became too loose, and I was afraid I would lose it.  Ironic, I know.  A few months after Son was born, my Grandmother was visiting, and I decided to make strawberry shortcakes.  At the time, I had begun wearing the ring again, but with with a rubber band around my finger to keep it on.  I don’t know how many of you make shortcakes, but it can be messy, and so I took the ring off, and set it on the counter.  I’m sure it was hard to see in the flour mess, and my grandmother, whom I love dearly, and who dearly loves to clean, cleaned up the kitchen.  My grandmother is also a bit deaf, so if there was any sound to indicate there was more than flour going into the can, she didn’t hear it.

I tore the house up looking for that thing.  I moved appliances, ripped the black fabric off the bottom of the couch, everything I could do to find it.  I never did.  Really, the above story is the only plausible thing, but I really have no proof.  Just the same, I wanted something on my finger to show I was attached, and to keep down the evil stares a mother pushing a young baby with no wedding ring gets at the grocery store.  I decided to do something drastic: melt down a bracelet.  I wanted the replacement ring to still be something that Husband had given me, but he was pretty steamed that the first one was lost, and we didn’t really have the money.  I happened to have a diamond bracelet that Husband gave me while in college, and I didn’t wear it.  Why?  It often came unclasped, and it pulled on my clothes.  So as pretty as it was…

 I never wore it.    I asked Husband’s permission, and he agreed to let me melt the bracelet down, and reuse the metal and the diamonds to create a new wedding ring.  We met with a friend, who happened to be a jeweler, and together, came up with a design.  I wanted something that would give me the most bang for my buck, so to speak, and we settled on an oval set with pave diamonds, and then inset diamond bands.  He did it all for $200.

I get lots of compliments on it.  Random ladies will grab my hand and admire my ring; it’s a good thing I’m not a germaphobe.  Husband still doesn’t really like the ring, and neither of us have the same attachment to it that we did to the original one, but it’s all I have, and it will have to do until we win the lottery, although, even then, I don’t know if Husband would buy me a new one.  But back to the point…

I don’t know how execs for the Twilight series saw my ring, but it’s certainly going to be famous now.  I hope I get royalties.


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