Son’s Room — The BIG Reveal…

All last week I teased you guys with the prospect of a big room reveal.  I started by showing what we started with, showed what I designed, how it was built, and then how I painted, stained, and carpeted it all.   Since nobody likes a tease that doesn’t follow through, here’s the fished product.

You can see one of the things we did was flip the plan.  We decided that we would rather not have Son’s face staring straight out the door when he was supposed to be sleeping.  The other thing we did was add a little night stand.

I actually built that myself!  Son helped by tracing his existing round table, and sanding it after I cut it out.  Husband attached it to both the bed platform and to a corbel made from an old 4×4.  We got the lamp at Ikea, when we bought the mattress, for twenty bucks.  Son uses it every night, and the stack of books has grown to nearly touching the lampshade.

The raised bed has given Son a lot more room to play.  And even though the following photo isn’t much different from the one above, it’s the only one that shows the under side of the platform that I spent hours staining.

The new bed also provides more storage for books and toys.

You can tell Son is in that “Has to be in picture, making a funny face” stage.

Even when I switched corners of the room to photograph, he quickly got into the frame.

One of the things I did was let Son choose his own sheets.  He chose some cartoon characters with a green platypus?  I have no idea who they are, we don’t have cable.  But I didn’t let him pick out his bedspread.  I wanted something that he could grow with, maybe keep until college.  I chose a striped cotton blanket from The Company Store.  I ordered my pillow shams from them, and saw the blanket while I was looking.  The blanket cost me $100.00, for a twin, but since I wanted it to last, that seemed OK.  Unfortunately, as much as I love the look of the blanket, it really isn’t $100.00 worth of quality.  I feel I could’ve gotten the same quality for 40 bucks at Target.  I don’t plan to order from The Company Store again.

And just so you don’t think I’m a crazy mom who wants her kid to roll out of bed, fall 4 feet, and break an arm, I did build a bed rail, it just isn’t painted yet.

To  build it, I took a left over 1×6 cut a bit shorter than the bed, and then two more 1×6’s cut to 11″, since a 1×6 is really only 5.5″, and ripped them in half to create 1×3’s.  Then I cut the ends to 45s, and places two boards on each side.

The boards simply slide over the bedbox, and hold the rail in place.  Once he’s bigger, the rail will be removed completely, although I’m sure he will be much, much bigger.

Son is very happy with his new bed, and all his new space.  He sleeps under the covers, and in one place, which is something he never did before.  He’s also gotten really good at climbing down in the middle of the night when Nature calls.  And he loves his carpeted reading nook!



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