Finishes, but Not Finished…

All week I’ve been talking about Son’s bedroom redo.  When I left off, Husband had the bed built, but I still had to paint, stain, and carpet it.  Fun.  I started with the paint.

The only way to get a great paint job is to paint over a nice surface.  This meant that I had to use a bit of wood fill to even out some of the holes and joints, and then sand some more.  Have I mentioned how much I hate sanding?  Since I was staining some of the wood, I chose to do all my wood filling with stainable filler.  I figured there was no need to buy two different fills since you can easily paint over stainable filler, but you absolutely CAN NOT stain over non-stainable putty, so don’t even try.  Now that I think about it, why would you ever buy non-stainable filler, it really limits your options.

So I opened my can of Elmers Stainable Wood Filler, and got to work.

You’re supposed to use a putty knife, but I didn’t feel like looking for mine, so I went with an old credit card.  You probably don’t want to use an active card; the filler may not wash off, but I don’t know since I wasn’t worried about that.  I started by applying a nice sized glop to the area I wanted to fill, and then smoothed it out.

It took a couple of passes to get it where I wanted it.

The filler didn’t have to be perfectly smooth, since it would be sanded when I sanded the rest of the wood, but smoothed it out some.  Then I waited for the filler to dry, as per package instructions.  After a quick Pinterest break, I got busy sanding it all smooth as budda.  Then wiped it all down for painting.

I used the same white paint that I’ve had since we did Son’s room the first time, the same paint I’ve used in the Bathroom, Guest room, Kitchen, and Laundry room.  I swear, it’s a Mary Poppins bucket!  But I was woried about one thing:  Object that are painted with an Acrylic Latex paint, especially when glossy, tend to get sticky.  The majority of Son’s books are books from my childhood, and there was no way I was going to let them stick to some bookshelf after surviving me, my sister, and my brother.  They deserve better.  So I did some asking around.  I learned that I could simply coat the paint in a clear, latex varnish.  This would dry harder than standard latex, and protect my books, and I suppose the furniture, too.

I painted the bed box outside, and then while it dried, painted the bookshelves and back wall.  Since we opted to save space by not building a back to the bookshelves, I thought it would be best to paint the wall for continuity.

Miraculously, it only took two coats of paint to cover that red!  And once it was all dry, I covered the bed box, and the shelves with two coats of the Latex Varnish.

While all that dried, I moved on to staining.

I didn’t take any photos of the staining process, sorry, but I chose to reuse the walnut stain that we used when we designed Son’s baby-room, so really the colours didn’t change in his room at all, just the size of his furniture.   What I can tell you is that I am a rebel when it comes to staining.  I use a brush.  I paint it on like paint, and I don’t rub it off.  I hear that the rubbing helps to ensure a nice even stain job, but I’ve never used anything light, so you can’t really tell.  I did two coats of stain on the ladder and front platform support, but only one coat on the underside.  If I ever build another bed like this, I will stain the platform before I install it.  Staining over head sucks!  We let the room air out for two days before we let Son sleep in there again.  He loved camping out in the guest room, and while he did, I ordered carpet.

I decided to go with carpet tiles mostly because I was only covering a 16 square foot space.  I also wanted to be able to replace tiles if anything mysterious happened that I couldn’t get clean.  I went to  he Flor website, and perused their selections.  I had narrowed my choices down to a handful, but still couldn’t decide.  I really needed to feel them.  I checked to see if they had any stores, and behold, they had one in Dallas.  Son and I took an afternoon trip to see what they had.

When we got there, I realized it was a showroom, and not really a store.  I could feel, I could arrange, and I could buy, but I couldn’t take any home with me.  Luckily, just by buying through the showroom I was able to save 50% on shipping.  I decided to go with a full-loop pile, instead of cut which I find uncomfortable on bare skin, and a blue, grey, and black striped pattern that seemed fun, yet neutral.    I was given a few pointers on how to instal the tiles, and told that I could wash them in the sink if they got dirty!  You can’t do that with wall to wall.

We waited for what seemed like weeks, but four days later, the tiles arrived.

Son was pretty excited, and so I let him pull the tiles out of the box, and help me install them.  It was pretty simple, but I read the instructions anyway.

First we laid the tiles out to get an idea of where we needed to cut.

Since the pattern doesn’t line up perfectly, Flor suggests alternating the grain.  I thought this looked better anyway.  The tile is made with a rubber backing, essentially a whole floor in each tile, and you simply use stickers, which Flor includes, to stick the tiles to each other.  The rubber backing ensures that the tiles stay in place, so you don’t have to adhere it to the floor.  You simply stick the stickers to the corners…

lay the tile down, and stick the other tile on top.  On the outside edges, you can cut the stickers in half…

and stick them to the tiles, just like the others. (Son has mad scissor skills.)

It really is that easy.  I did have one issue, though…

a hole.  But as luck would have it, I had just enough scraps, and stickers, to take care of it.  I simply cut the carpet, cutting through the rubber side first…

(Son took that picture!) and then stuck it all in place.

If you really get close, you can see that the lines don’t quite line up, but if you’re getting that anal over somebody else’s carpet, well…. Just be happy to know that the carpet is soft, and the paint fumes have all dissipated.  We are really happy with our Flor tiles, and I would recommend them to anyone.

I know I’ve really gone all American Idol on the results, but this post is already pretty heavy.  I promise I will post them Monday.  In the meantime, Happy Weekend!


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One response to “Finishes, but Not Finished…

  1. Jessica

    It looks great! This is Jessica from FLOR. I sold the tiles to you. So glad you like them! What a fantastic room for your son. Love it!
    Take Care,

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