Finding a Stud…

No, this post isn’t about men, it’s about wall-studs.  You know, the wood behind your sheet rock?  When we began building Son’s bed, here, we knew we couldn’t just drill into the sheet rock and use those little plastic wall anchors to hold up the bed platform.  That might work for shelves, mirrors, and other decorative items, but not for a bed platform that has to hold a rambunctious 3 year old, that will some day grow into a school boy with other rambunctious boys for friends, before becoming full on man-sized himself.  This platform needed to be built to withstand years of jumping from, jumping onto, attacks from enemy invaders, and whatever else boys do that I haven’t thought of yet.  I knew I had to find the wood studs to attach my wall supports to, but the stud finder we own is lame, as in it doesn’t work so well.  It just beeps constantly, and when you think it’s found a stud, you hammer into empty space.  If I knew the brand, I’d tell you so you wouldn’t waste your money on it.

So when I was down at my dad’s place, telling him all about my bed design, he said we could borrow his magnetic stud finder.  Of course I said Yes!, and then promptly forgot it when I left for home.  When I told Husband about it, he was curious how a stud finder that used magnets would work, after all, wood isn’t magnetic.  I reminded him that the nails we use to hold the sheet rock in place are metal, and he smacked himself in the forehead.  Duh!  Ok, not really, but I thought it would make the story more dramatic.  When we began to build the bed, Husband remembered the stud finder story, and got an idea.  He ran to the kitchen to fetch a powerful magnet from the fridge.  He gently ran the magnet over the wall…

and once it stuck, he let go.

Really.  That’s not photographic trickery.

Now I know not everybody has a fancy-smancy ball magnet on hand, Husband has been playing with magnetic motors lately, but this tactic should work with any strong magnet, like a speaker, hard-drive, or even one of those car-roof antenna magnets.  This method was certainly much more effective than our store-bought stud finder, and even better, it was easy on the ears.


Just in case you’re curious about magnets, want a shiny round one, or want to dive into magnetic motors, Husband purchased ours at CMS Magnetics.  The majority of the magnets I use for various projects are from here, and although I’ve never been into their store, Husband highly recommends them!


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