New Shams…

Way back at Christmas, I gave myself a gift of new sheets, a bed spread, and a new duvet cover.  I shared it with you all, here.  And even then, I lamented the fact that I didn’t have new pillow shams.  I loved the old ones, but they were severely yellowed, and they were getting worse.  Observe…

And just in case you can’t see it…

Yep, that’s a hole.  It’s what happens when you live with boys, whether they be big or little.  Son used to put the pillow, sham and all, over his body, his head poking through the hole, and walk through the house saying, in a “deep” voice, “I’m a Pillow Zombie…”  Yeah, it was clear that I needed new ones.

So I searched the internets until I found something that I thought might work.  My old shams had a wonderful waffle texture, and a hint of what I’ll call ladder-lace.  The texture played well with the heavy texture in the bedspread, and still looked soft, and easy.  I was shopping The Company Store online site, and came across a pair of white, cotton striped shams, called Hemstitch.

Based on the picture, I thought they could work, and placed an order.  I got lucky.  They were on sale, and including shipping, I paid less than 30 bucks for them.

A week later they arrived, and I opened them up.  They were white, and new!  I sent them for a ride in my washing machine, and then put them on my old pillows.  And since I am also winterizing my bed — not to be confused with how you winterize other things, I thought I’d share again.

( Yeah, my new shams look nothing like the ones in the Company Store photo.)  Winterizing my bed simply means putting the grey duvet cover back onto the bed, since we take it off when it’s too warm outside.

I love my bedspread still, and love my duvet cover even more.  But my new pillow shams?  Not really.  I know I should.  I agonized over them before I hit the Purchase button.  But the thing is, the cotton is thin, like boxer-shorts thin, and the stripes are flat, there is no texture.  Even in my own photo, it looks like the stripes are raised, but there aren’t.  And worse?

Yep.  That’s a black spot.  The spot appeared after I pulled the sham out of the dryer.  I don’t know how it got there, but it means I can’t return them.

Who knows, maybe I can get the spot out in the next laundry day, but even if I can’t I don’t know that it matters.  Another one will eventually show up; I do still live in a house with boys.


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