Back in the Saddle, er, Hallway, Again…

A few weeks ago, Husband and I were sans child, thanks to my Mother, and decided to be spontaneous.  We drove to Austin for the weekend, and met up with some old friends.  We hung out, had some fun, and then it was suggested that we hop into a photobooth.  I’ve been secretly on the lookout for a photo booth opportunity for a while now, but no one else knew that, hence the secret part.  I guess we’re just really those kind of friends!  The pictures turned out amazingly; so amazingly that we didn’t even attempt to take a second strip of shots.  Everybody knows you can’t recreate perfection.

As soon as we got home, I harassed our friends for days, until they scanned and emailed the photos.  Then, I sat around a few more weeks until I finally got off my tail and printed the thing.  But really, this story starts long before the Austin weekend.

Months ago, I went shopping and picked up a few clearance frames.  While I didn’t have an initial use for most of them, the tall, narrow one I knew had to have something long, like a photo strip in it.


Eventually, the one with the cat became a souvenir frame from my California trip, seen here and here, and the black frame now holds a print from a magazine I fell in love with, here.  But that purple, flower-power monstrosity just hung painted and empty in the hall, until now.

Of course, I had to rip out that flower stuff, first.

I sliced of the backing, and then used my knife to cut through all the caulk.  They really put this thing together well, and it took a bit of oomph to rip off the burlap embroidery.  And of course, I sliced my finger on the plate glass in the process.  Then I painted the frame white, just like all the others.

Since I tore the frame apart, and painted it months ago, it’s simply been hanging in its place on the hallway wall.

Once I replaced my cyan ink cartridge, the only reason I hadn’t done this all sooner, I printed out the photo.  I lined it all up, and used an extra sheet of photo paper to create a “matte,” and make it seem just that much more, classy.

I placed it all back into the frame, and used a super-sophisticated method to keep it all together.  Blue tape.

Then, I hung it back in its place.

I’m so happy with it.  It actually rivals the butterfly, seen here, as my favorite art piece.  I think I may paint that large, dark-wood frame a fun colour, like turquoise or something, but that will be a thing for another post.



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