New Toy…

We all know that I make Son a lot of toys.  It saves me money, I enjoy making them, he enjoys playing with them, and although most are made of free materials that won’t last, every now and then I make one that will, and I hope he will find that neat one day.  This is one of those toys.

Let’s see, so far I’ve made…

…And loads of other things.  While the garage has taken a beating, and is now gone, as are the robots, Maisy is still around, and she will be boxed and saved when Son out grows her.  This new toy will go into that same box.
Son loves puzzles —he’s up to 100 piece-ers, and when we were down at my Dad’s last month, we found a wooden puzzle on the table.  Turns out they got a new saw at my dad’s work, and one of the guys was trying it out on a scrap board.  The resulting pieces created a challenging puzzle since there was no picture, and only the wood grain and shapes were there to help put the thing back together.  None of this mattered to Son.  He kept trying his hand at the nearly impossible puzzle, and asking for help.  Daddy sent the puzzle home with us, and it was clear that I would need to do something to this puzzle so that Son could do it on his own.  I flipped through one of Son’s colouring books, and decided on a Superman theme.  I felt like a creative genius when I came across an alter-ego page containing both Clark Kent and Superman.  What if I put one on each side?!  My idea was set.
The first step was to put the wooden puzzle together, and then number all the pieces so I could get it back together later.
I sanded all the pieces so that little fingers wouldn’t get splinters.  Then, the fun part.  I got to colour my images!
I broke out my good, prismacolor markers, and even let Son colour with them, as long as he was very careful.  I knew that I couldn’t use Son’s crayola markers because I needed something that wouldn’t bleed once I coated the pieces with clear-coat.  It also helps that my prisma collection is extensive, so I had many more choices than the standard 8 that Son has.
Then I broke out my knife, and carefully cut out Clark and Superman.
I taped the puzzle together on the opposite side of where I was working, and then carefully applied Elmers glue to the my characters using a brush.
Once my guys were glued on, I waited for them to dry fully, and set to slicing each piece apart.  That was the hardest part of the whole project, but once it was done, I knew I was on the home stretch.  All I had left to do was coat the pieces with clear spray paint.  I went with 5 coats total.
As you can see, the ink didn’t run, and with 5 coats of paint, the pieces should be pretty strong.  Son loves them.  He does each side over and over again.  Not bad for another free toy!

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  1. Caedwin

    What a great toy for him to treasure!

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