Last week, when I was in my home town for the Mother in Law’s wedding, the same wedding that I made that French Embroidery for,I decided to check out the local Goodwill.  Son has gotten really good at puzzles lately, so good that we’ve upgraded from 24 and 48 piece puzzles all the way to 100!  100 piece puzzles are hard to find, so I thought I’d check the local thrift store in hopes that they would have a trove of them.  They didn’t, they only had two, but that’s better than what I had, and my Dad’s place doesn’t even have a TV, so I bought them both to keep Son entertained; they were $1.50 a piece!  I also decided to peruse the rest of the store; it was pretty small.  The first think I noticed was that small-town Goodwills have MUCH lower prices than my big city ones.  All pictures and frames were less than 2 bucks.  Even better, I found the perfect mirror to hang near my front door, and they only wanted 5 dollars for it.  I left the store with my new mirror, two puzzles, a children’s book, and a toy tank, and only spent 7 bucks!  It was awesome.

After I got home, I showed Husband my find.  He said it was neat, but I don’t think he was all that interested.  A few days later, I masked it off, and took it outside for photos and paint.

I know the image is small, so I’ll describe.  It’s a medium sized mirror, maybe 2×3 feet, and solid.  The frame is solid wood, but finished like bamboo.  It even has the original paper and stickers on the back from the decor store.  It wasn’t a cheap mirror.  Of course, I wasn’t really into the gold frame.  It looked alright, but I’m aiming for something a little more clean and fun for my living room, and it was starting to flake.

After several coats of spray paint, I carefully hung the mirror on the wall behind my front door.

I’ve always felt that there should be a mirror close the front door; it allows for last minute checks before you open the door to strangers and guests.  And although the white frame looks a bit out of place at the moment, imagine the walls painted a light grey.  Even Husband reacted when he got home.  He really likes it!  Such a change from his initial reaction when I brought it home.

I’m so glad that I stopped by the small town thrift store.  I’m sure I’ll go back, even if it’s just for picture frames!


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One response to “Score!!!

  1. namhenderson

    all my best thrift findings from clothes to records etc were always at small in the middle of nowhere Goodwills etc.

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