Murphy’s Law…

Everyone knows Murphy’s Law, that if something can go wrong, it will, right when you really don’t have time for it to.  Earlier this week, I mentioned my cleaning schedule, and that on my first ever Windows day, I ran out of Windex half way through.

I had finished wiping down all the interior windows, and one of the exterior ones, when BAM, I pulled the trigger and nothing came out; not even bubbles.  Now obviously, this wasn’t quite so dramatic.  The bottle is made of clear plastic after all, and I could see it coming, but I was still hoping that maybe, just maybe, I had the magic, Mary Poppins style of Windex bottle, you know the kind that has no bottom, and may appear to contain only a bit, but really goes on and on forever?  Yeah, I have a good imagination.  But it all wasn’t to be, maybe somebody else has that bottle, and I ran out.

I had told myself that once I ran out, I would refill the bottle with something cheaper, and probably home-made.  Now I’ve blogged about home made cleaner before, but I’d never made anything for the windows.  I fgured it would take some special magic to get that streak-free shine, so I did some research, and came across a recipe.  Yeah, it’s so basic that I’m not going to bother linking it.  It’s just water and vinegar, and the dilution works out to 1/2 a cup of vinegar in a Windex bottle, and then water to the top.

It doesn’t smell great, but surprisingly it worked better than the Windex did!  It doesn’t stick to the window as well as the Windex, so when you spray it on, it doesn’t look like it’s going to work, but it does.  Really.  I don’t think I’ll ever buy Windex again.  Sorry, Johnson and Johnson.


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