Above and Beyond…

I have a secret.  I like to do things with themes.  Now when I put it like that, it sounds terribly lame, but hear me out.  When Son was little, I used to rent movies for the weekend evenings, and I’d always do it with a theme in mind.  The theme could be as simple as “Boxing” movies, and I’d rent The Fighter and perhaps Cinderella Man, or it might be an actor, I think we ended up with Tilda Swinton in every movie we rented for 3 weeks, and sometimes it would be two movies that make me feel intelligent or distinguished.  And with all these themes, I’d come up with a cocktail to go along.  Say with the Boxing theme, we might simple have beer, or with Westerns, maybe some whiskey.  For movies that make me feel distinguished, I’d go with a clean martini.  You get the idea.

My theme-y movie nights kind of fell by the way side when our local rental place went out of business, and we started relying on Netflix.  But the other night, I got a chance to really do a movie-theme night right.

The movie was Thor.  Husband loves comic-book stuff, and since he’s of viking descent, Thor is his favorite.  We didn’t see the film in theatres because, well, he have a young child, and we don’t make it to the movies too often, but since husband loves Thor so much, we bought the DVD the day it came out.  Since my mother was kind enough to take Son for a few days, we didn’t have to wait for the weekend to celebrate the new film.  And theme?


I decided to extend it past booze, and include an entire meal.  We even did something crazy for us.  We ate infront of the TV while the movie was on!

I picked up a roasted chicken, and then sliced some fingerling potatoes, and coated them in salt, melted butter, and parsley.  I then placed both the roasted chicken, and the potatoes onto a the same cooking sheet, and popped them into the oven around 400 degrees.  I let them cook for 30-45 minutes, or at least until a probe thermometer beeped 135 degrees on the chicken, and then plated them together on a silver tray.  I draped the coffee table with some plaid fabric I was given way back in High School, and even pulled out some silver candlestick, pewter mug for husband, and silver challis for me.]

Ok, so I didn’t actually have a silver challis, it’s a candy dish, or dip bowl, or something, but it looked good.  Problem was that it didn’t drink too well, and I soon switched to a real glass.

Husband was so surprised, and he loved it.  The food was also delicious.  I think we finished it off while the previews were still running!

Do you secretly like theme nights?  What are yours?


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