One Month In…

It’s been roughly a month since I made the decision to give up on the active job search, and to focus heart, soul, and muscle, on becoming a beautiful home-maker, as mentioned in more depth here.  I am happy to report that I have succeeded in a few areas, made some adjustments in others, and completely flopped at others.

The flops?  Well, I tried to begin making desserts at least once a week with our nightly meals.  That lasted through two desserts before Husband requested that I not make so many desserts, not because they weren’t good.  I also tried to cook all our meals, but after scrubbing the house from floor to ceiling, some nights I was just too tired, and I begged Husband to take us out.  I’ll keep working on that one.

And the successes?  The biggest would be that I’ve kept to my cleaning schedule for a whole month!  I even added a chore to the monthly calendar.  Observe…

Just in case you can’t read that (you can click the image to enlarge), it reads from top to bottom: Bedding, Fridge; Labour Day (I didn’t clean on the holiday); Dust; Windows, Mop; and Bathrooms.  The first day of Bathroom duty took me an entire afternoon; it was one of those days I begged to eat out.  I even mentioned the torture here.  I’m happy to report that this Monday’s second bathroom cleaning took me half the time.  I even cooked dinner!  And while perusing the Target clearance area, I finally found a soap pump for a price I could agree with.

It makes the bathrooms look even cleaner, and they were priced around six-fifty, so I got one for each room!  But back to that schedule…

Fridge and Bedding day is easy-peazy.  Really.  It’s the day that I’d add another chore to, if I need to.  Dusting took an entire morning, but I have a lot of surfaces, and decorative items, so I don’t figure that job will get any shorter.  On the bright side, it’s not such a labour intensive chore.  The windows took me most of a morning, but I have NEVER cleaned my windows, EVER, and I’ve lived in my house for 6 years, although the windows are only 3 years old.  And I ran out of Windex halfway through — more on that later.  Mopping was just as awful as always, but it is nice to have clean floors.

So what about adjustments and amendments?  The first adjustment was simply combining monthly chores into singe days.  I never thought I’d be able to do that.  And Husband has requested that I do monthly expense reports so we can see where our money is going.  Those are taking a day to go through the bank account, put it all into excel, and then sort, categorize, and pie-chart it.  I know there are programs that can do this for me, but the ones I’ve tried haven’t worked so well for us.  I’m also thinking of adding one organizing activity a week.  It may be something small, like that nightstand drawers, or big, like Son’s closet (have you ever seen the closet of a three year old?!)

And with all that in my schedule, I still have time for projects.  I spent the majority of last month on one particular project that I promise to post this week.

So have any of you started a cleaning schedule?  How’s yours going?  Can you think of things I’m forgetting on mine?



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