Easy Being Green…

…but it is tiring.


I may have mentioned that Son has started school.  He goes half days twice a week, he even has homework, and since the weather has been so nice, we’ve begun walking to and from school.  Now this may sound quaint to some of you, and it may sound completely normal to others, but let me assure you that in Texas, the majority of people never walk anywhere.  Instead, they tend to climb into their SUVs, crank up the motor, and drive to wherever it is they’re going, even if that destination is less than a mile away.  And while I may not drive an SUV, even I am guilty of hopping in the car to go to my local grocer, about a mile away.  It’s just easy.  But I do enjoy walking, and I’m trying very hard to continue the walking to and from school.

So how far away is school?


That’s 1.2 miles, according to Google.  There’s a football field and track in the lower right for scale.  And while 1.2 miles might not seem like much, let me assure you that it is.  It takes me 30 minutes alone, and with a 3 y.o. it takes 40 minutes.  That’s two and a half hours out of my day, twice a week.  But I’m not complaining.  No, I’m happy to be doing it.  Maybe all the exercise will make me look sexy.  It is 5 miles a day.  Mostly, I’m happy to have the time to talk to Son, and then the time to talk to myself on the way home.  And I’m happy to be saving all that money and gas, too.


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