End of a Run…

I’m doing my last hallway post, for now, anyway.  But I think you’ll like this one.

You all know I have a thing for free art, as evidenced by the dead bug hanging on my wall.  And this is no different.  Well, it’s a little different; it’s not a bug at least, but it was free.

Several months ago I was flipping through a magazine full of clothing that I cannot afford, and came across a painting that I really liked.  It had bright, happy, colours, and it was nearly full page.  I immediately thought of framing it.  I finally got around to it.

I cut out the page, and then grabbed one of the thrifted frames from this post, the brown one, to be exact.  But when I laid the frame over the image, I had a problem.  The frame was too tall and too narrow, or the picture was too short and too wide, either way, it didn’t fit.  I may, or may not have, said a few choice words, and then got to thinking.  I remembered i had some water colour printer paper back in the craft closet, and went to dig it out.  It fit perfectly into the frame; I guess it was a document frame and not a photo frame.  Lucky me!

I then sat myself down, and got to measuring.  I wanted as much of the original image as possible, but also wanted it to look nice in the frame.  After I got the measurements right, I cut out the center to create a nice, new, matte to frame the image inside the, er, frame.

Then I put it all together.

I love the offset border that I created, with the bold, wide, base.  It reminds me of a Polaroid; remember those?  What do you think?

Here it is on the wall…

And, since I promised this would be the last hallway post for a while, here’s all of it put together.

And from the other side…

You may notice that there are still a few empty frames.  I haven’t decided what to put into them, yet.  And the metal star, conveniently balancing the star fish on the opposite side, is the cake topper from our wedding.  Nice, huh.

I still think that there is more to do, like fill the empty frames, and maybe painting that dark frame a bold colour, and that black matte white, or grey even.  And of course, I still need to get that clock done and hung.  I’ll get there.  Some day.



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